Wednesday, May 30, 2007

pasta, veggies and frozen patties.

Take that Rachel Ray.

i hate rachel ray. heck, who doesn't. anyway, why does she put freakin frozen chicken and what not in everything. yuck. so when i got home tonight and decided that instead of a chicken sandwich i would have my frozen delight with a nice pasta and fresh tomato sauce with fresh garlic and basil...i thought, hah take that rachel ray.
i don't know why. i just did. so, this is what was for dinner. pasta and skinny green beans, with a fresh chunky tomato and basil sauce. topped with fried vegan chikn patties touched with a bit of nutritional yeast. oh and some cracked black pepper.
freaking yummo.
pasta dinner
pasta dinner

cupcake fun

my vegan cupcakes

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Falafel and Tabouleh

Yum. So the last time we went out for falafel, which is quite a rare thing because we have to drive kinda far...i bought a few things in the restaurants' little shop area. i bought a box of falafel mix, some tahini, and some pickled turnips. last night i decided to try out the falafel mix. It was delicious. I had it with a bed of mixed greens, pickled turnips and tahini sauce. did i already say yum? yum. Served the falafel salad up with some tabouleh..(also from a box..shhhh.) and some spicy black bean hummus(not pictured). really really good. Also, there is still over half a box left of the stuff and i made 12 good size falafel balls. These pickled turnips are amazing. They are colored red/pink from beets. so good.

Falafel plate with Tabouleh
falafel plate

falafel plate

chimichangas and gazpacho salad

behold the chimichanga. i love fried burritos. i don't make them too often, but boy do i like 'em. This time with the filling i went an unusual route for me. potatoes. it was a good route to choose. i fired up some organic red potatoes, added some homemade refried beans and dumped a jar of this melty pizza cheese. Then it all got wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and fried. mmm. they turned out really good. i made some chunky gazpacho salad to go with it. yum. they were also really filling, but somehow i managed to get down two. of these suckers...

potato chimichanga with chunky gazpacho salad
cheezy potato and bean chimichanga
also, i have made these cookies twice. once to share with my in laws and band practice and once for a birthday present. (37 in that box!) they are delicious. not sure about posting the recipe, but i got it from herbivore magazine. well, both times i have made these i have forgotten to take pictures once they are out of the oven! so here is what i have....
chocolate chip cookies

Saturday, May 26, 2007

hot, hot, hot.

as promised here is the grill out post. i say grill out because it is more like we are just grilling our dinner outside, not really having a full on BBQ or what have you. either way it was freaking hot here so we dusted off the ol' Weber and threw some vegan food on it. we are not very experienced with the grill, but we try. i have to say that everything turned out really really great. it was delicious and we have a bunch of leftovers. score. so without further is what it looked like:

veggie kebabs ready to get some heat:

grilling: veggies, corn, dogs, and tofu

grilling: dogs and organic red potatoes

our delicious (no oven!) meal: fresh cabbage coleslaw with spinach and cranberries, grilled organic red potatoes, veggie dogs, grilled tofu, veggie kebabs, and corn.

awesome meal. my husband came home with a backpack full of fresh cabbage just picked from the farm at the school where he works. He was walking along at work when a fellow co-worker came by with a wheelbarrow full of the stuff and told him to fill up. lots o' cabbage. so grill out + cabbage = coleslaw. it was damn good stuff.
here is a shot of the cabbage taking a bath:
fresh cabbage

we will be cooking our food outside a lot this summer. i will edit this post later and add the recipes as i made them. stay cool.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

hello out there in blog land

okay. here it is my first post on my first blog. ever. cheesey i know. i will be posting random food adventures and rants and what not. not sure really what to do with the whole blog thing...but i have been thinking about this for awhile. i have a bunch of stuff filed away that i would like to write about and post soon. to get started lets have a quick look at these old favs: These are all super easy, quick and delicious to make.
turtle cupcakes and strawberry agave.

chocolate cuppers from vctotw topped with pecans dipped in brown rice syrup and chocolate ganache. agave cupcakes from vctotw with vegan buttercream and strawberry stars. yum.

yummy enchiladas with organic guacamole.

vegan enchilaldas recipe to come in a later post...
valentine's chinese faux chikn salad.
spinach, mushrooms, faux chicken strips cranberries seasame seeds and soy vay chinese salad dressing. so good.
of course i will be posting recipes and comments with pictures in the future. just testing it out holmes.
we are dusting off the ol' weber tonight, so hopefully a nice 'summery' post is to follow.

thanks for tuning in folks.
end transmission.