Wednesday, June 27, 2007

two very good things.

First up is a wild mushroom curry. This concoction has chickpeas, cabbage, tomato, wild mushrooms, curry seitan and homemade curry spices. so good.we had it with garlic basil couscous and sesame pita bread.
curry pic 1
wild mushroom and seitan curry
curry pic 2
curry plate
we had the curry plate with a ginger vanilla chai iced mushroom glasses of course!
ginger vanilla chai iced tea in mushroom glass
Next up, Soyrizo black bean breakfast patties with a cheezy verde sauce. that is a mouthful eh?
i love having breakfast for dinner, and with the added bonus of scoring a waffle maker for my birthday(thanks Lynn!), no we can really seal the deal. here we have the patties, the sauce with nutritional yeast, spices and verde sauce. fresh tomatoes, homemade waffles and pineapple.
quite a feast!
soyrizo and black bean breakfast patties
curry skills are now awesome. waffle skills are still coming along. i am much too impatient for that waffle maker.......
i will be working on putting together all these recipes in text for anyone interested. my recipe writing down skills obviously need improvment. hopefully i will be posting more lolo porn too...hehe.

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