Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Coffee cake is delicious!

so we decided to have tacos for dinner the other night. really simple, but really really good. we had these awesome avocados and my tacos were loaded with a traditional style guac. yum. the tacos were also filled with tomatoes, cilantro, fresh cabbage, and vegan taco filling. a nice fruit salad(peaches,nectarines,pineapple,banana,and grapes with agave) on the side and a great white beer from lost coast brewery and we are chillin.
here we go:
tacos with fruit salad
tacos and fruit salad
While we were at the grocery store buying a few things and getting stuff to make tacos, we saw a box mix of coffee cake. we thought this looked great. so, after we had tacos i made
a version of this coffee cake. It was so good! I only took one picture of it though...which really doesn't do this enough justice. I did make a few adjustments in the egg replacer department and it turned out wonderful. our new favorite dessert. here it is
coffee cake
coffee cake
And also, while i was making the cake i caught these too little buggers hanging out together.
how cute
Bijou and Sadie


Celine said...

your furry babies are just too cute for words! and I love that you served tacos with a fruit salad, what a brilliant idea. must have been tasty to the max! don't get me started on how tempting that coffee cake looks, by the way.

springsandwells said...

that picture of your dog & cat is so lovely & homey...

I bought some taco shells last week, and I can't wait for taco night - I just have to make my seitan first!

chengwa said...

thanks guys!

Libby said...

You write very well.

general merchandise wholesaler said...

AGREE! coffee cakes are marvellous.

Hope Netting said...

I wonder why I cannot see some of the pictures. T.T

CD inserts said...

Very cute. Reminds me of my pets.